Main department of intelligence of Russian Federation which included people’s deputy Derkach is exposed, — SSU

The Security Service exposed the intelligence network of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (known as the GRU), which was supposed to help the enemy in capturing Ukraine.

This was reported by Censor.NET with reference to the SSU press center.

In particular, it included MP Andrii Derkach, who, according to the investigation, oversaw the creation of a number of private security companies in various regions to use these structures to quickly seize Ukraine.

At present, a pre-trial investigation has been launched by the Prosecutor General at the initiative of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Operational development of the network was carried out a long time ago, but the SSU finally neutralized it at the beginning of the war, detaining former assistant to People’s Deputy Igor Kolesnikov. In fact, as a secret employee of the General Staff of the Russian Federation with the call sign Veteran, he was a liaison and financial courier between the special services of the Russian Federation and Derkach.

According to Kolesnikov, Derkach was recruited in 2016. He was personally worked with by the top leadership of the GRU — the head of the department Igor Kostyukov and his first deputy Vladimir Alekseev.

The People’s Deputy, in particular, received funds from the General Staff of the Russian Federation to create private security structures, which the enemy planned to use to capture Ukraine. The GRU allocated 3-4 million US dollars every few months to implement its plans. According to the investigation, a significant part of these funds settled in Derkach’s pockets.

After his arrest, Kolesnikov himself entered into an agreement with the prosecution and gave many interesting testimonies. In May, a court sentenced him for high treason. He then told the details of the network’s activities and its role in preparing for a full-scale war.

«During the entry of troops, when it will be clear that the cities surrender, these PSCs (» private security companies «- Ed.) Had to ensure the passage of equipment, sit on armor with Russian flags, and thus ensure peaceful entry into the city,» — details Kolesnikov.

Kolesnikov also said that the GRU planned to use two brigades of special forces and special operations forces to capture the capital, which were to enter from the territory of Belarus. From there, move quickly to Kyiv, seize the Government Quarter, and convene a chamber in the Verkhovna Rada to vote for a new government. However, these plans were completely thwarted by Ukrainian defenders.

The SSU is continuing its investigative measures to bring to justice all those involved in the extensive intelligence network.

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